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Ugh. Think I may have fucked up here /tg/.

So I was invited to play in a 4e game. They tell me they need a front-end tank. Fair enough. So I roll up a fighter that acts like a big, dumb meathead(yeah, I know it's a cliche). And the party finds my character tied up, and party invitations ensue. Introductions are had, and when the female sorceress introduces herself, my character reacts about how you'd expect a big, bruisy lunkhead to treat a female adventurer: He assumes that the rest of the party is escorting her, and didn't really take her seriously when she claimed she was an adventurer. And, the sorceress' player(also a woman, mind), apparently took exception to this.

She told me I was being a sexist. I calmly point out that I'm just playing a role, and point out that the character in question is not exactly the sharpest sword on the rack. She asks "Well, what if /I/ played a character that hated all men?" I tell her "That sounds like an interesting character trait. Unless you're actually a misandrist, I wouldn't mind in the slightest." She says "Well, those characters are both offensive, and you should really be more sensitive." I ask her "Sooo, in a world where skeletons, dragons, and the literal forces of Hell are trying to kill you, your sorceress would really be caught up with our modern gender concerns?"

Then she tells me I need to change my character, and that her character wouldn't adventure with a misogynist. I politely refuse, and point out that unless the rest of the party wants him gone, there's no logical reason why he would be ousted. The rest of the players were divided right about down the middle, with the DM taking side with neither. So, the DM decided to call it for the night.

So, what should I do here? Should I switch my character to placate this girl? Was she being overly sensitive, or did I really make an offensive character?