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Blatant Fetish Quest VIII

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"Hey, Liz?"


"I'm worried about this archmage thing. I want to spend a lot of time practicing and preparing in the next few days. I'll try to watch your back, but I want us to be ready."

"Thanks, Max," she says, leaning her head on your shoulder. "I'm glad you're protecting me."

You decide to take a nap for the rest of the ride up. You want to be nice and fresh when you get to the school. Liz doesn't get up off your shoulder, so you expect she has a similar idea.

You're not sure how much longer you're asleep, but you feel when the bus jerks to a stop. It's grown silent, and lots of people are looking out the window. You seem to be at the top of a narrow mountain path, a small, rough hole split into the rock face the only hint of anything out of the ordinary.

"Wakey wakey," says Dane, leaning in and shaking both you and Liz by the shoulder. "We're here."

What do you do?