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Formidible THAT GUY

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What do you do if THAT GUY has more pull than you?

I've wondered from time to time whether I'm dealing with THAT GUY or THAT GROUP, but I'm convinced now that the problem is just one player. He's the one player who never plays a setting appropriate character, he's the one who throws a tantrun if you ask him to separate IC motivations from OOC motivations. He's the player who's only there to make a comedic spectacle of himself when the gm is trying to run a serious story.

Most of the time, that-guy stories are about the sore thumb that the whole group hates. What are you supposed to do if That Guy has leverage? We play at That Guy's apartment. That Guy's girlfriend is an important player. We're too afraid of stepping on toes to admit he's a problem.

I know that if I walked out today, less than a third of the group would come with me. Sure, he's the one who throws tantrums, but he's more in control of the group than I am anymore. These are old friends, I know if I don't handle this well I'll lose half of them. Hell, I think they'd even take it badly if I started roleplaying with different people.