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So /tg/
I am a new WH40K player, slowly raising up my chaos forces. I did what seemed like the best thing to do, I got Dark Vengeance and will be using that for my entire chaos force for the time being, plus 1 squad of noise marines and doomrider, I'm also converting 3rd party models into a forgefiend and vindicator

So here's what I have basically
2 squads of 10 noise marines with some left overs
1 squad of 20 heretics
5 termies/ 2 squads of obliterators
3 bikes /4 adding doomrider
1 Helbrute
1 Forgefiend
1 Vindicator

So now I'm thinking of what I should get next. Off the top of my head a heldrake would be nice because my buddy, the one I'm starting with now has 2 stormraven gunships, so I'm thinking a flyer or something that can deal with flyers. What's your opinion
I'm going for a Emperor's Children army, but I am switching marks on units, that's ok right?