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Blatant Fetish Quest LXVII

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Previously on Blatant Fetish Quest, our protagonist, Max Power, learned that 'he' was actually a female with male genitalia, as a result of having an incubus as a father. Three years later, Max, now fit and a martial artist, flew to Romania to enroll at the prestigious Scholomance, a school for magic meeting Liz, your new girlfriend, on the way. On arriving in Romania, you learned that the Scholomance is extremely deadly and that only half of each class proceeds to the next grade each year.

You joined the Lotus prestige society, befriended Dane and Lin, other Lotuses. Upon arriving at the Scholomance, a city-sized school hidden in a cave that's bigger on the inside, you discovered a tower and found an incubus who's probably your father chained up in the basement.

You're currently trying to balance Dextra Domini, rivals, commitments to your society, relationships, and studying while trying to survive. You're about a month and a half in. Your custom-built beast won the quiz and Liz made it into the Society of the Archmagi. Your dryad hatched and your mommy-instincts kicked into high gear. You were just nearly taken out by a mysterious attacker.

You're teaching Selene some counting after having issued Liz her punishment.

What do you do now?