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Ascendency Quest

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>evening /tg/!
>In this thread we will continue the ascendency quest thread from Tuesday.
>original thread is here:
>tfw the first thing /tg/ does when inserted into a new world is kill two cops and go to a bar!
>In your inventory you have:
>three pacification rods, Antade's flask, a custodians badge, the security memo, the metal clip and cards, the metal case, and Aurora's soulstone.
>here we go

The rain pattered gently on the roof of your stolen patrol vehicle. You had pulled into the parking lot in front of the Lonely Rat Tavern and were currently in the process of examining your surroundings.
The sky was still dark but you could see some sunlight appearing over the horizon. The bar was flanked by two three story buildings. One appeared to be a store of some kind and the other was unmarked and likely abandoned. It was hard to see through the rain but you could make out a large man standing in the doorway of the bar, likely a bouncer. He wore a jacket similar to the one you were wearing and carried something on his hip, but you couldn't quite make out what it was.
There was some music emanating from inside of the bar and the place seemed to be decently packed. Other than the fact that its address was found in a custodians memo book, the place seemed completely ordinary.

"we should ditch the car" you say.

"I couldn't agree more" replied Aurora. "We have already parked though and moving the car to the alley or something might look suspicious and tip off the bouncer or the patrons. Its your call though."

You thought about what to do as the beats from the taverns music mixed surprisingly well with the rhythm of the rain hitting the roof of the patrol car.

>ditch car and risk suspicion
>no ditch car and risk custodians spotting it in the parking lot?
>what to do, what to do.