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Robotnik Heavy Industries Quest

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We are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, an ex-evil genius... but not really. We still hate the blue hedgehog, but we must wear the facade of a repentant evil genius... who also runs a company! So far, we have launched a toy line, embarrassed Sonic and making a backhanded deal with Bowser using your unused weapon plans and a bunker, and have just recently expanded to Mega Man World.

Currently, we have 8 quarterly Profit Factors, and 8 PF in the coffers.
Megaman World branch office ready at the end of this quarter.
Autobiography ready in 3 or 7 more quarters.
Mind phone with sublime messaging research finish by the end of next quarter.

-1 HQ
-3 Factories
-1 Lab

Currently in partnerships with Wily Electrics.

Market report: Aperture Science has responded to your 'Metabot' toy line upgrade by selling bean-shaped, tripod-legged baby cams. Not as much of a boom than from their previous My Little Companion Cube dealio.

Breaking news: Mushroom Kingdom is experiencing a turmoil! The Koopa Insurgents have kidnapped Princess Peach in a daring raid on the capital.

What do we do? If there are any questions about this quest, feel free to ask.