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Only War Regiment Style?

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Alright teegee, i need help coming up with a good color scheme for my Only War regiment my group is going to be a part of.

They are the Sarkaran 8th special recon. Originally made up of the Sarkaran 7th Recon and the Sarkaran 12th line infantry, They ended up getting rolled together after attrition vs Orks took it's hold, as well as a few other shattered squadrons.

They specialize in stealthy insertion, recon, and covert assaults. They took the camoleoline special equipment doctrine, so they all get camo cloaks.

They come from the hive world of Sarkaras IV in the north of Segmentum Solar, near Ryza. They are pretty diverse due to being a mashup of a bunch of stuff, pretty much my justification for having a single stormtrooper, psyker and ogryn in the same squad.

I need a scheme that looks cool with cloaks, essentially. Any help?