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>Final sessions of the campaign
>Sacrifices must be made
>One or a couple of us must hold the line and fight against an undead army so the rest and the villagers can escape through a portal
>Me and another guy decide to be those brave men (and a couple of suicidal npcs)
>DM says "Well, you pretty much are going to die, so I'll just skip this part and..."
>Us "Why?"
>DM "Sorry?"
>Me "Why you skip it?, let us fight, if our fate is sealed, well, nothing much to do there, but I want to roll a few more before leaving the campaign..."
>Rest "Yeah, after all it doesn't matter, right?"
>DM "Well, it would be time wasted but... as you wish"
>2 and a half hours later
>We survived, using every kind of strategy we could make, and using any obstacle in the fortress in our benefit
>We didn't defeat the army, but we hold it until every body was safe and then we escaped
>DM is clearly upset, looking in his papers if he can do anything

Had you any story like this /tg/?