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Magical Girl Noir Quest

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The box drops from your hands and onto Kyuubey's desk with a damp squelch. The stench of blood immediately wafting from it as its gruesome contents bounces up to knock the lid loose.

The Incubator blinks at this, then up at you. Its expression managing to depict mild annoyance despite its unchanging features.

"...You will, of course, explain to me why you've just dumped a severed head on top of my paperwork, Matsuda."

You don't need to fucking explain anything, you growl at him. All he needs is to look inside the goddamn box and connect the dots himself.

Another blink, another moment of silence. And it's then that he obliges you.


Ah. That's all he says? 'Ah'?

"...I'd say something about not--"

--Not losing your head, but he feels that it's not the right thing to say right now, right? That's what he was going to say, isn't it?

"...No. No, I wasn't."

You tell the Incubator that he is a liar and a fraud. More than that...head puns? Really? You thought he was better than that.

"Simply trying to lighten the situation, Matsuda. Although, seeing as it's not working, I may as well quit while I'm--"

Your trademark glare cuts him off, and he averts his eyes from you after a moment.

"Yes. Er. Well. Hmm." Kyuubey looks back down at the package. "This is quite serious, then. Very serious. Much too serious for puns."

Damn right.