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Alchemist Quest

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January 1st, 1925. Winter in Central City.

You're currently sitting on a train, heading into Central Station. The lights overhead beam down on you, as early in the morning as it is (or late in the evening, you're not quite certain after so much traveling.) Your briefcase sits on your lap, adjusting the lapels of your suit. The last suit you'll ever wear, in all likelihood. You're carrying all your worldly possessions with you, and for good reason-- at least to you, that is, though some might disagree.

You are an Alchemist. A proud title that only a precious few wear, and those that do have their reputations vary wildly. You are a free Alchemist at the moment, however, in the nation of Amestris. A nation that is still recovering from the great changes that it has been enacting, the recovery of the Ishvalan people and-- more recently-- the troubles that have been plaguing it from its neighbor Xing.

You watch a squad of Amestrian soldiers walk down the train's central isle, none of them paying you any attention. A dog sniffs the air, looking at you directly for a moment before moving on, sniffing out any potential bombs. With the recent dissent from anti-Xing elements, it's no wonder security has been heightened as much as it has.

The snow continues to whip by as you sit in your seat, reflecting on just what has brought you here, on the eve of this new year.

You reflect back on your origins... Just where were you born?
>Southern Amestris, in the plains, where life is idyllic and peaceful, but is quickly growing into a technological hub of automail and other advanced technologies.
>Western Amestris, another region of plains, where life is idyllic and peaceful.
>Northern Amestris, where the people there have grown used to harsh winters and even harsher living under the constant threat of Drachman invasion.
>Eastern Amestris, a decimated area only now recovering from the Ishvalan Civil War. Your status as an Ishvalan Alchemist will cause you great hardship.