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Fallout: the Tangle

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The end of the world came just as our family training films had taught us, with atomic fire painting the broad strokes of the four horsemen across the sky. They feared and hated us just as much as we'd planted the seeds of rage in our own people. In the end, the sky was blotted out by clouds that withered our great forests, our cities boiled by the ravaging force of the bombs, and our coastlines devoured. The toxic wind came to settle over us all, a dark cloak of silence that held us in its iron grip for over two centuries.

In what was once the southeastern region of the United States of America, where the bombs fell the thickest, there is now a place known only as The Tangle.

It is a wall of green, standing against the wasteland.

Its waters are dark and turgid, and they hide ancient secrets. Here, the tribes once lived quiet lives hiding from the darkness, as the background radiation begins to wash away in the fog of time, their explorations will inevitably lead them into conflict with each other, with outsiders come to claim the Tangle for the secrets it holds, and with the things that hide in the ever-shrinking shadows still cast by those who once lived here.

Because war? War never changes.

I'm running low on ideas for locations, tg.

What should be in my Fallout map?