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Just acquired my first book of the Horus Heresy series, Horus Rising by Graham McNeill.

Just started reading and I can't help but think that EVERYONE in 40K pre-heresy was a fucking MORON.

> Luna Wolves encounter a solar system just like ours
> Their main planet is ruled by an "Emperor" who "saved mankind" and who sits in a fucking Golden Throne
> Did I fucking mentioned he sits on a Golden Throne exactly like the one on Terra ?
> This "Emperor" is a stupidly powerfull psyker
> This "Emperor" is also a decaying corpse.
> Horus kills this Emperor.
> After Horus kill the "Emperor", the planet starts being affected by the warp.

Motherfuckers came up several hints and preludes at what was gonna happen to the Imperium and didn't take a hint ? Seriously ? Even after all the remembrancers reported their records back to Malcador ?


The Imperium is ruled by morons
Malcador either does drugs or was senile