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Shadow Quest 56

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Rolled 77

Suptg Archive: (scroll to bottom)


Archive compiled using with only story posts for easier read-through (up to thread 30):

Book 1: http://pastebin.com/iaag8N6Y
Book 2: http://pastebin.com/JcexH2Jv

>thanks to Herald of Shadow for compiling those

Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:



Notes on Rolls and Voting:

When I request rolls, each set of three rolls counts for one action. For example, a two-step plan would take the first 6 linked rolls. A particularly bad failure can stop your plans early.

When rolling 1d100, I will consider criticals within the first ten linked rolls. Only criticals that occur in the first three rolls will be counted as "supercrits". This is still the case even if you'd have plan long enough to require more than ten rolls.

When I roll 1d20, the rules are the same, but I only consider criticals for the first five rolls, rather than ten. Criticals in the first three are still "supercrits".

When a plot choice results in extensive debate, I'll try to weed out the most popular trains of thought, and then call a vote on them. When voting, please respond with only a link back to the post and the number corresponding to your opinion. Other votes are discounted.

Finally, note that this is not a democracy; it is a benevolent dictatorship.