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Evil Precure quest 12

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You are Mirror Blade, a clone of Cure Blade (also known as Momoko, though you don't know her last name yet). You taken the name Masako Ishikuno for now as your cover story to live in the human world, and your day went from good to terrible when you got a message from one of your father's generals who seems to have a a tendency to vomit words into letters.

Before you try calling any of the two precures you have a thought, if he is able to turn invisible he might be hiding in this room right now, waiting to see what you do and lively how as well. You will not tolerate this threat to your privacy and decide to make absolutely sure his isn't withing hearing distance.


Despite your efforts you don't find him anywhere, invisible or not there is no way he would have moved fast enough to dodge your quick movements across the room without you noticing, and the bathroom is especially safe, there's not as much room to maneuver in there than in your room. You however, are able to detect the faint smell of cologne long gone. You're not sure why you know but you're certain that its a cheap brand. You lock the windows and doors lay down on your bed before taking out your cellphone, Call Misa or the the bitch Momoko.

[]On second thought...(Writein)

Theres also this thing I got on twitter if you want to discuss for some sort of plan, pastebin.com/P6qgu8EQ