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Chaos is confusing

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I have a few questions.

So can other species besides humans get corrupted by chaos? While I was reading fluff I only remember imperial guard and space marines becoming corrupted, but not a single Ork, Eldar (unless Dark Eldar are corrupted by Slaanesh), Tau...

Chaos is sustained by corrupting others, right? Does that mean there is no real win condition for Chaos, they are happy enough to maintain the endless war?

Do Gork and Mork live in the immaterium with other Chaos gods? Do they have their own realms? Do they ever send a helping hand to the boyz?

Is Malice cannon? What's his deal exactly? Heard he's like the chaos god that only focuses on fighting other chaos gods.

Is it still possible that some huge event could birth a new chaos god? How would you assholes react if GW introduced yet another one in to the mix?