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Lord General Quest, Volume III

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War is a glorious thing. Unfortunately, initial estimates of the course of this war were... Somewhat exaggerated. You are a Lord General, put in charge of the founding and first engagement of the Vitalitas First Siege Regiment. Their first engagement? Conquest of the former mining world of Le Keers, a planet that was once the second most prosperous planet in the Deus Sector. Said planet, located in the Meridian Subsector, is in the same subsector of space as the planet Vitalitas.

Vitalitas itself is rather decrepit world, having been ravaged by atomic weapons during the Horus Heresy, though it has begun to crawl back to life. With this in mind, it has been subject to a tithing of bodies by the Imperium of Man, and its first regiment has been dispatched with due haste.

Le Keers itself was less-than-receptive to their landfall. Casualties have been minimized in the first month of landing, but the loss of two Devourers attempting to take Omnissiah's Gateway was problematic. In addition to the casualties the two companies there suffered (though they did, in fact, make it out relatively intact with all of their equipment), the capture of Pitfall Starport was given issues by virtue of the fact that the enemy was already prepared. Likely, they had long expected Imperial invasion, as evidenced by the fact that the starports had mostly retained their flak cannons, Tarantula turret systems, and fortifications in a reasonable state of repair. Or, at least, as reasonable a state as those bereft the services of Imperial tech-priests could manage.