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>Go to a tournament
>round one, start unpacking all my stuff
>opponent sees I have two riptides
>complains about how broken and cheesy tau is
>says they are no fun because they just sit their and shoot
>he unpacks 6 wave serpents

Luckily I had los blocking terrain and a crisis team with 6 missile pods, pen chip and c&c node + msss. I was able to jump out, shoot down a serpent, marker light another and shoot the other with with my riptides.

But it was funny he was complaining about tau when his list is the cheesiest shit ever. I have two op riptides and he has 6 even more op waveserpents. Against any other army but tau, or against a tau list not ready for waveserpent spam he would have easily won.

So what do you think is worst: tau or waveserpent spam?