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I remember when you were born.
You were nearly identical to 4,834,652,783 other babies born the same day as you.
I remember your name.
You share it with 2,839,275,364,872 other people across the Imperium. A very unique name.
I remember you fighting for me, just like the other 28,795,342,675 guardsmen.
I remember your light wavering.
I watched you delve into the cults, following the example of 5,073,435,234 other dabbling Chaos Worshipers. I was worried.
I watched your light grow dim, as I see 2,243,548 times a day. I felt panic.
I watched you turn against your brothers as I have seen more times than even I can count. I felt grief.
I watched you curse my name as 3,234,417,574 others do. I felt sadness.
I watched your light leave my realm, and enter those of the Chaos Gods. I felt abandonment.
I remember you, I remember all my children.
I wait patiently for you to come home as I have for the past 10,000 years.
Please come home.
I miss you. I miss you and the other 1,037,249,874,384 lost children.
I miss you all.
>tfw when your children will never return to you