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Weekend Smut Thread 2

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Previous thread is autosaging, so it's time for another one.

As usual, writefags, drawfags, or whatever kind of lewdfag are all welcome to contribute content. An ERP thread is in the catalog already, though, so if that's what you're looking for head over there.

While NSFW text should at least be spoilered, remember that NSFW images still aren't allowed. If you're worried about the rurus or don't want to deal with post timers and captcha when you dump, host it elsewhere (pastebin, imgur, 1d4chan) and link to it.

We all have our preferences so just read the stuff you like, because the authors have graciously labeled what stories have which kinks and whatnot. And if you feel like the rage is overtaking you, proceed to touch yourself and repeat until you are satisfied or it is time to change your pants and shower. Nobody likes a shitstorm when they're trying to jerk off.