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Latest update from the Kingdom Death kikescammer:

KD:M Kickstarter Black Friday Only, Late Backers are welcome
Every day, our inboxes are stuffed with a variety of people asking to become backers. For this black friday only (November 29), we have decide to make our final exception, the last back door pass, the absolute final opportunity to become a very late supporter of the Kingdom Death:Monster kickstarter. If people miss this, they will have to wait until our warehouse is full, backer fulfillment is underway and we open pre-orders based on final retail prices.

We have three mega late pledge options. Late backers will not have access to the pledge manager. It's the only way to do this and keep things manageable for us. Late backers will be added to a separate late backer fulfillment list and will be emailed when we have KS updates. Late backers will get all post delay upgrades.

1. Bronze - Survivor Level
2. Silver - Survivor Level + All Expansions
2. Gold - Survivor Level + All Expansions, Plastic Promos & Plastic Pinups.

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shop dot kingdomdeath dot com

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