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Okay, just a little summary, for people like me.

The Exaltations were made by Autochton: RETCONNED.
There is a finite number of Celestial Exaltations (beyond Alchemicals): RETCONNED.
Solars were made to be the perfect kings of Creation: RETCONNED.
There is a straight gap in power between Celestial and Terrestrial Exaltation: RETCONNED.
The idea of an Exaltation of butterfly and sweets is beyond ridiculous: RETCONNED.
The Green Sun Princes are alien exaltations with utterly alien charms: RETCONNED.

Let me get this straight. They retconned every little tidbit of fun from Exalted, and you're eating this shit up like caviar.

You're utterly disappointing me, /tg/. You would think there would be at least one or two sane dissenters between the marketing parrots.