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ITT DM dick moves

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>Party hangs out on a vaguely Greek-themed continent, where people worship the Greek gods and all that
>One of the players has openly expressed her disdain to the pantheon in question, both in-universe and outside of it
>"Bunch of self-centered assholes, fuck you if they like you and fuck you up if they don't."
>Her PC has been plagued by misfortune throughout the campaign, targeted by a bunch of demons and shit, struck by lightning once
>Another time she failed a save and went mad, almost killed the party rogue
>Turns out she's one of Zeus's illegitimate children, it's Hera that has been fucking her up the whole time
>Turned out pretty well once she recovered from the shock, though
>Convinced Hera that she is just as upset about this development, befriended her
>On epic levels, they joined forces to kick the shit out of Zeus and boot him off the Mount Olympus