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Magical Girl Noir Quest

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Hobbies? The H stood for Hobbies, right? Yeah. Yeah, that's it. ...Tch, you probably should've made a note of it earlier...hnh. Well, nothing for it. If this ends up with you falling flat on your face, at least you can say to yourself that you tried. You tried your best, and that's enough.

So you ask her about her hobbies. Does she have any others, besides....well, drawing her Miracle Midori manga? She's got some other stuff, not just that, right?


Wait. You...you don't know much about her, do you? You've never taken the time to ask her about herself, REALLY ask her, to know more about who Hanegawa Midori actually is rather than the bits and pieces you learned from her after a brief interrogation in a Silent Room. Yes, you know she'd been a Callidus for the Tenth, that she'd been made to do unsavory things because of a mutant cat bastard that you still need to kill - but you've never really taken the time to get to know her.

Christ, you're bad at this...being a normal, decent person thing. Really bad.

Maybe you could ask Mami for lessons on that, too...?