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Eldar and aging.

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So... Games Worship is again being somewhat inconsistent in their own fluff, or at the least Black Library is. I personally like my Elves ageless, if not immortal, as it is a large part of their charm.

I admit I never liked that in the 'Path' books Eldar age, and are able to die of old age. Pheonix Lords went from being ancient warriors, to the souls of ancient warriors dwellign in their armor, and possessing others. However, Eldrad always stood in the way of that particular interpretation, being around pre-Heresy, of not from the Fall. However, him being the Eldar's most potent pysker but into question whether it was his biology or ability that kept him around.

Now, we have Illic Nightspear, who despite having white hair, looks rather typical for an Eldar, and just as spry, despite being a 'simple' ranger whom has traveled the galaxy for an undefined thousands of years.

So... what the hell? I'm going to go with the idea they are as ageless as Tolkien Elves, as can be interpreted from Eldrad and Illic.