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Oversized Weapon Quest Part 2

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You are Shax Bonemurder. You have a ridiculously large sword, and you got promoted to Raid Leader, which means people respect you and listen to what you say because you'll probably be dead in a few weeks anyway!

You just met your aide, a dark elf! You don't know what an aide is, but you think it just means 'a slave who is smarter than you'.

"...Anyway," the man begins after rubbing his temples for a moment, "My name is Beyto Scarmaw and I'll be assisting you in your preparations. Your first order of business should be obtaining mounts for your raiding party. Might I recommend acquiring some from your goblin compatriots?"

You could barely hear him since beelined straight for the food and are now eating it loudly. "Mwhi alreungfy gwot sumf," you mumble through bits.

"...What? You did?"

"Yeah! I got some spiders and dragons. The one scar-" Wait, do dark elves gossip with each other? We're a raid leader now, so that's important. We can't just go gossiping about other leaders. "PRETTY. Lady. Said I could have some so she's sending over a bunch."

"Well, let me get a headcount of who all we got here..." He spends a moment counting the goblins squabbling in front of him, and mentally adds on the kuo toa. "Damn. We're down to nine? What the hell happened to three others?!"

You don't know what he's getting mad about. Nine out of sixteen is pretty good for a starting raid! You were happier when you thought it was twelve, but I guess he was wrong. Even aides aren't perfect? But he's still smarter than you!

Well, now that your belly is full, it's time for some real leadering.

>Current Raid Group: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH