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Oversized Weapon Quest Part 4

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Ruhar leads you through the camp. There are less looks and stares the further you get in, most of the dwarves sticking to their own business. There are tons of them here, and in such a small area. You wonder why you haven't heard much about them, yet? Most of the talk in the camp is about orcs and dark elves. Eventually you reach a hut belching out smoke. Ruhar knocks on the doorframe before shouting, "Tullia! Got someone I'd like ya to meet."

A stout lady wipes grimy soot off her face with the back of her arm as she turns to face you, lifting the goggles off her face. "Hmm?" She's wearing an apron and thick leather gloves. "What's that you've got there, eh?" she muses, in a thick accent as she approaches you. She looks your sword over. "This thing is made from pure shite, inn'it? What's so special about it?"

"Not the damn sword, Tull, the thing that's holding it."

She looks down at you, seemingly noticing you for the first time. "Oh. Oh! It's not a slave. Thought you had the poor thing lugging around some sorta magical whatsit." She crosses her arms. "So? It's got some sorta strength enhancement or something, yeah, what's the big deal?"

"That's the thing, Tull, she can hardly handle the sword." Ruhar pats your shoulder. "Give it a few swings, lass." You wind up and Ruhar places one hand on your arm. "Perhaps not in here, eh?"

Oh! Yeah you probably shouldn't wreck the lady's place up. Especially if she's supposed to teach you something. You step outside and look over your shoulder nervously to make sure she's watching. You rear back and give it your best swing, practically flying all over the yard.

"...What the hell are ya showin' me this for?

"The higher ups apparently wanted this wee thing to be a Raid Leader, and she's lookin' for someone to teach her how to handle this thing. As funny as it'd be, it'd be a shame if the rest of the war goes harder 'cause this lass got herself killed in the first skirmish."