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Oversized Weapon Quest Part 7

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You are Shax Bonemurder. You are a raid leader! Last night was pretty rough, but you beat up some adventurers and took their stuff. At least you think you did?

Rund assures you their stuff was taken.

Oh. Good. To be honest you were more concerned with not dying. Someone died, though. Baxut! He was a Devilooze boy, though, so no one is really. You know. Grieving.

>CURRENT RAID GROUP ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

The good news is that you found news about some sort of important shrine the adventurers were around! The bad news is that one of the two scouts who knew the way to the creepy hut died. The other is Rund. And Rund is... Well. Rund tries very hard?

Oh! Also! You got hurt pretty bad. In fact you're still real hurt after sleeping all night. Whoop says it will be a bit before you're good to go again. It's a good thing you started making a base, huh? Anyway. You gotta get to work leadering!

"Yer stayin' in bed, Shax," Milda says, crossing her arms. "And I'm not gonna hear any objections."

Oh, great. Now she's worried about you. Well, you've got nothing to do. What's the plan?

>Secure the area! Begin laying a larger field of traps, and shore up the defenses of the base more.
>Explore! Send a few scouting parties out to find more interesting stuff.
>Loot! Send a few shock parties to hit up one of the points of interest. [Specify which one: Creepy hut, Quarry, Shrine]