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So I'm running a fantasy campaign for a group of friends. One of them is a paladin, and this is what he's done so far in the game:

>Convinced an escaped slave to go back
>Bought a few of them himself
>Regularly beats the crap out of the local city guard captain
>Has a sexual relationship with two people (of both gender) without really committing to either
>One of them had just been transformed into human form from an animal, and he was almost immediately coerced to bed with him
>Spent weeks of time with a bunch of hippies, doing drugs and being useless
>Collaborated with a tribe of evil humanoids, gave them the fantasy version of a nuke
>Collaborated with a witch, is seeking out a shapechanging person to cut his heart out
>Is pretty much confirmed to be never sorry for anything he does
>Lives with ghosts, never even thought of trying to exorcise them
>Participated in a fashion contest
>Punted a kender off a massive world-bridge
>Rejects the glory of Zarus and his second coming

How hard should he fall, /tg/?