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Why didn't they ride the eagles to Mordor or at least to Gondor? Why did Faramir's men not get tempted by the Ring? Why did Gimli not know Moria hadn't communicated with the outside world in decades? Why did the balrog in Moria never leave it to cause havoc? Where did the orcs inhabiting Moria even come from? Why did Gandalf not fashion an unbreakable flail out of Denethor's palantir and use it against the ringwraiths? Why did the army of Saruman not destroy Rohan's capital after it was abandoned and the people moved to Helm's Deep? Why did Saruman, while destroying hundreds of trees, not defend his stronghold at all against the ents he knew were miles away and hated people who destroy hundreds of trees? Why did they not send the Ring west with the elves to lands Sauron couldn't reach? How did Gollum learn the methods to get through Shelob's caverns without getting eaten by her first? Why did the elves wait all this time to reforge Isildur's blade? If humans join the vaguely-defined gods and elves sail west when they die, where do dwarves go? How did Boromir get to Elrond's council if travel was so dangerous? Did he go alone, because they never mention other humans in Rivendell?