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Island Orc Civilization part 3

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God damn duplicate images.
You were a small orc clan stranded on an island on the verge of extinction. Trough hard work you resettled the ruins of a village and built a wooden paliside for protection.
Trough the time you spent on the island you encountered a Cyclop faction living in the mountains to the east. You have established a friendly relationship with them and they are willing to trade tech and resources with you. As of now they have sent an earth mage to teach Rockjaw and your other shaman the earthquake spell.

Your population has grown due to the abundance brought by improved tools with which you work the land. Your food buildings are a boar pen, vegetable farm. You had a small fishing boat but some slaver humans hijacked it and kidnapped the 3 of the crew. Luckily 1 of the fishermen escaped tha slavers and managed to report their ship sailing east.
Fortunately for you the construction of a medium sized ship has finished and the ship was deployed to the shore. One of the orcs thinks connects the abandoned village you have resettled to the slavers. Those humans probably enslaved the previous owners.

An aspiring warlord has come of age. His name is Gra'Ghus and he is burning to desire to prove his worth as a leader of the orcs. A diplomat is in training and will be ready in 2 turns. Rockjaw and his shaman will finish training next turn.