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Oversized Weapon Quest 18

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You are Shax Bonemurder, Raid Leader! You got caught up with the scouts from the main army and got some new recruits. Apparently most of the army is being focused elsewhere, so you don't know how much longer you can count on reinforcements from there. It's okay, because it isn't like you counted on them at all in the first place.

You decided to go check out this weird stone circle ruins place that is apparently pretty creepy according to eye witnesses.

>CURRENT RAID ROSTER: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH
>Ability Tree: http://pastebin.com/aBfqv1vP
>Hasn't been updated since last thread, unfortunately.
>I'm the Boss! Points: 1
>CHARACTER point: 1
>This allows you, the player, to force a NPC to join the party!

>You currently have:
>19/24 BtB exp
>8/24 MSiF exp
>8/24 CyRCTHaM exp

The stone circle is a ways away, so you're going to have to be on the field for a bit. You've got:

Whoop, Bokagh, Skedob, Zexur, Mani, Dorle, Bearbreath, Nost, Truz, and Gneb with you. You haven't rolled out with Whoop in a while, so it'll be nice to hang out!

Gneb says he remembers the way, but you're still hiking through enemy territory.

What's the plan, boss?

>Make a looking for trouble check! Hope for critical success. (Roll to find something to muck up!)
>No thank you, I just wanna get there in one piece. (Roll to avoid patrols.)
>Whoa, we forgot someone... (Pick someone else to join)