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So I've been working furiously on my Wenchkins (small scale wargame about groups of pic related fighting other groups of pic related) mod for some reason, and I think it's updated to the point that it deserves a new thread.

-chariots are now a thing
-added the fatality table
-commanders now have to be in good condition to inspire confidence
-commanders now have to be within 12" of a model to inspire confidence
-a bunch of small fiddly wording changes that don't effect much mechanically

Chariots are kind of counterintuitive, because they're slower than regular units on account of being pulled by a single girl instead of a team of horses, but aside from that they do the stuff you expect from fictional chariots (run people over, spin out of control and crash into things, sideswipe things, get hijacked).

The fatality table is essentially "sometimes a random event occurs when a model dies."

Anyway, I'm going to post all of the .pdfs. If you feel the need to shove some models around and see what happens, the quickest way to get started is to download the solo rules, read them, and then plug in the Last Stand scenario.