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Warcraft/Hammer style orcs or Lord of the Rings style Orcs

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Blizzard/Warcraft Orcs
-Big, heavy built humanoids, usually as tall or taller than humans
-Have bright green skin
-Have Boar like Tusks
-Live in small tribal bands with Shamen, mostly build tents from bone, hide and wood
-Usually independent
-Mostly armed with heavy axes, cleavers and things to that effect and wooden shields, rarely any range weapon beyond throwing axes and spears
-Usually wears little clothing and armor.
-Fight in loose mobs

Lord of the Rings style Orcs
-Human size or slightly smaller 1.8 to 1.4 meters, often are hunched over
-Dull Green, Brown and Grey skin, generally lumpy
-Sharp jagged teeth, but not huge tusks
-Live in larger clans, sometimes even able to build cities, can build with stone and brick
-Industrious and crafty with a better grasp of mechanisms and devices
-Often, though not always, under the influence of some external power (wizard, dark lord, demon, whatever)
-Uses a variety of weapons usually including scimitars, spears, daggers, halberds, maces and axes, as well as shields. Can use ranged weapons.
-More likely to wear armor, generally fully clothed
-Can fight in disciplined formations and use complex tactics.

Of these two types of Orcs, which do you prefer?