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Chapter Quest =LXXXVI=

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+Status report+
Chapter strength: 685 brothers
Chapter realm: Varda, Tombstone, Folkvangr
Chapter wealth: 123 Wealth
Chapter Master is currently in Tachion Primaris, Capital of Sector Deus, where he met with mysterious Inquisitor Eisenhorn who has arrived from Helican Subsector in pursuit of a renegade Inquisitor Quixos. As Ghosts of Retribution have already indirectly fought Quixos in the past, it is agreed that they will help Eisenhorn to hunt him down. However the only lead they have is a Grey Knight, whom they met during a half-forgotten mission that was undertaken two decades ago. And that Grey Knight right now is being held prisoner on Inquisitorial base on the moon of Nobis...
Thought for the day: Boltgun can kill a man, book can kill a generation.