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Succubus Hunter Quest

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Welcome to Grimtale University. An institution of learning for mythical creatures deemed too dangerous for the outside world where mermaids, vampires, werewolves, various oni and yokai, banshees, elves, succubi, orcs, leprechauns, gnomes, necromancers, ogres, yetis, blemmyes and even incubuses reside. But the headmaster, The Antichrist, has decided to do a little social experiment. He has enlisted you, a young Succubus Hunter who hunts the succubi with not only his blade and dual pistols, but his dick as well. Your life is dedicated to ridding the world of these evil creatures and you begin your true hunting days right here, at the Grimtale University....
But first, what shall be your name, o great Hunter of the Temptresses of the Night?