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Card Priestess Masami Quest 9

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No, Mom, stop hugging me. At least try to stop sobbing.
She doesn't listen at all. She only continues to hold and weep.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I've recently had one of the worst days at school ever. I felt like my embarrassment for the day would be over when two of my new friends at school volunteered to walk me home for the day. Unknown to me, it seems like my suffering was only beginning.
Right now there is a middle-aged woman hugging me, whom I identify as my extremely overprotective mother.

Aiko and Maeda are standing behind me, visibly trying to contain their gigantic grins.
The hysterical mother still hasn't let go of me.
"H-Hey Mom" I say, trying to regain my posture.

I'm suddenly realizing that I'm terrible at breaking up awkward situations.

>Introduce her to your friends
>Let them introduce themselves
>Say something to Mom
>Try to escape the affection grip