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Esper Quest: Thread 1

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You are Akari Takamichi, a level 3 Pyrokineticist living with your older sister in Academy City. The date is July 16- the day of the System Scan, where espers all over the city have their abilities tested, rated, categorized, and assigned a Level from 0 to 5.

Furthermore, these are the closing days of your final year of elementary school, as well as the last couple of days of your mandatory four-month training period for Judgment. Your middle-school entrance exams are in two days, but you're not particularly worried or anything- you're not really considering applying to Tokiwadai or anything like that. No, you're perfectly happy living with Nee-chan, and you're a better student than most (probably out of sheer spite more than anything else- people usually assume you're some sort of hotheaded idiot when they hear you're a Pyro, and, well, you're not).

Still, besides Nee-chan being a bit nerdier than usual and that time last week when you walked in her room and saw her wearing your panties on her head, everything's been pretty normal. Assuming one could ever consider the wondrous utopia that is Academy City- the tiny, self-contained country located in Western Tokyo and populated by 2.3 million people (eighty percent of whom are students)- to be normal in any way, that is.

You haul yourself out of bed and throw an itsy-bitsy fireball at your alarm clock- it explodes with a pleasant WHOOMPH, releasing a puff of smoke and knocking the accursed timepiece off of your bedside table and onto the floor. The impact knocks the batteries out, thus preventing that incredibly annoying alarm from being blasted into your ears.

You remove your flame-print footie-pajamas and don your sailor uniform, then, after running your fingers through your actually-red, NOT-orange hair, you exit your room.

Nee-chan, being the lazy bum she is, is still asleep. You can hear her irksomely-cute snoring through her closed door.