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Esper Quest: Thread 4

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Again, we'll be starting off with someone who isn't Akari.
It's a good way to introduce characters, don'tcha think?
Also, before I forget, I'd like to apologize for Friday. I've started eating a bit healthier and drinking orange juice and stuff, so maybe I'll be sick a bit less.

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You can't help but smile at the sight.

You are Miku Tsuruya, perhaps the most capable Technopath in the world, rated at Level 3 by Academy City's most recent System Scan, and the sight before your eyes is just too cute.

Mato-chan, your beloved little sister, is cradling a red-headed girl in her arms, even as she herself is slumped against the headboard.

You never realized how absolutely, positively adorable Akane-chan's little sister was.

She didn't even stir when you implanted the chip in her skull.

The pressure sensors in your left shoulder indicate that there's a hand on it.

Probably Akane-chan's.

You glance over your shoulder and flash her a smile.

“Good work, Miku,” she says, as serious as ever, “and... thanks.”

You wink. “No problem, Akane-chan!”

The hand comes off of your shoulder, and you half-expect her to shake your hand or something. She's always so serious about everything around you. Like she's trying hard at her job or something. Which, in a way, she kind of is?

Her arms are wrapped around you, now. Is she trying to keep you from moving or something?

No, that's not it... This... this is a hug.

Akane-chan is hugging you from behind.

She's warm; warm, and soft.

This is awesome.