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Dog Days Quest Episode 1

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"What is important, is that we can not fight this. We've left the era in which we could."

A large, round table sits in the middle of a grand hall. The walls are lined with portraits and banners of the kings and princes of generations long past. Dim torchlight is all the room has to illuminate the shadowy figures who sit at the table.

Some of them eat food, some of them whisper amongst themselves, some of them are observing the peculiar features of the other members at the table. Everyone continues to share the somber mood.

"The barrier was down around the town for, five minutes? How many were lost in that time?"
"Over two-hundred, sire."
"Two hundred people, lost. In such a short amount of time that the guard wasn't even aware that it was happening."

"I believe it was the Guard Captain's duty to drill the villagers every week on what to do if the barrier went down."
"Yes, but the drills mean very little when demons are bearing down on you."

The bickering continues, the room steadily increases in volume until the two officials at the end of the table are merely a tiny whisper in a hall of voices.

A larger figure at one side of the table stands up, the room immediately falls silent at his presence.

"It's clear we must be proactive about this problem. We need something to bring the fight back to the them as they appear, we cannot be their prey any longer."
"That's easy to say, but even a hundred fold increase in guard strength would be merely a light snack to the caliber of monster we're facing."

"As you all may know, the method of times past to fight this threat was to summon a hero from a world that runs parallel to ours. This hero is rendered immune to the effects of the barrier collapsing, and thus isn't affected by demonic energies. In my kingdom's vault, I have found a relic that was used to summon these heroes."

"I must ask, how is a hero-summoning relic going to protect all of our nations at once?"

"That's simple, I have six of them."