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Okay so...

I just failed miserably as a DM.

Some background.

I have played a grand total of 3 RPG's in my life. The first time several years ago where a friend made my character for me, the next three years ago where I just rolled dice and hoped for the best, and the last time I didn't even play. I sat in and did one round of combat for some dude I never met before.

My friend's recently have wanted to get into DnD and I told them that I would DM, as I have

A) The most experience
B) Am the best at making crap up on the fly
C) The most free time right now

I sucked ass tonight Gen/tg/men. I failed miserably and despite my reading I still have next to no idea how to make things up in time and develop an interesting world. I know a lot of this comes with practice, and I'm more than willing to do that. I'm just looking to you for any advice or tips to help me along my way.

We are currently playing Pathfinder, but I am more than up to other systems, although preferably something still in DnD style. Also if you could change certain rules what would you change in the version/RPG of your choice and how does it improve the game play?