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Card Priestess Masami Quest 15

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I can feel myself dreaming again.

There's a young girl sitting at a bus stop. She looks like she had been sitting for hours. Pedestrians walk past her as if she's invisible. Several times, a bus would come by, letting off passengers and allowing other passengers to board, and then leave without ever considering her presence there.
A man, the one who looked to be her father, walks up to the bus stop. He sits next to her, as she scoots away from him on the bench. They sit, for maybe an hour, saying nothing to one another.
He turns to her, without saying anything, and extends his hand.
She looks away, saying nothing to him.



Sitting up, I smack the clock right off the table next to my bed.
I should really just use the alarm in my phone.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I had a very difficult, very strange day yesterday. I'm hoping, at least for today, everything can return to being semi-normal.
Still, these wayward dreams are starting to bother me. They seem less and less like dreams each night. At this rate, I'm worried I'll start living them instead of merely dreaming about them.

I should wake up and get dressed, Aiko will be coming by any minute now to take me to school.
"Hey Mom, I-" I ask to the empty living room, searching around, I can't find anyone here.

"Oh right, Mom said she had a meeting today, and that she wouldn't be around this morning, didn't she?"
I take my still-warm breakfast out of the oven and start eating it.

Then I remember, it almost feels as if there was something I wanted to do today, what was it?

>Visit Kaori and the occult club, maybe find out what some of these dreams mean
>See the student council and tell them the truth about my family