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Librarian Quest 31

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>Year 484 of the Raschan Calendar

Eleven years ago you lost her, Carna, who sang love songs with all the wrong words. Now eleven years later, she sings requiems for the lost.

It is coming towards the end of the month, as well as the end of the year. You have returned to Deneb, and since you left all but some lonely piles of snow have melted.
Neither Yu'yen nor Leona have returned from their respective missions yet, but this morning you and Sheryl greet Rein back to the dorm... and it seems she brought some company.

"HELLO. I AM PLEASED TO MEET YOU AGAIN," The giant spider says, standing at your doorstep while wiggling its mandible, "MY NAME IS CONNEMAAAAARA."

"I uum... found these two riding through the middle of town. They were calling out your name pretty loudly, so..." Rein gives you a twitching smile, her eyes dart left to the spider, her legs shiver uncomfortably.

"Buddy!" Your old friend Gos, standing on Rein's other side runs at you with arms outstretched. He catches you between his plated armour, giving a rather uncomfortable hug. "I got your letter and I rode in to save the day!" He says, taking a small pause, "Also that one lord got real angry about your vandal ways, and was about to have me executed before I made a daring escape with Connemara here, long story, you wouldn't be interested."

"Sorry about that." You say.

"Nooooo worries!" Gos lets you go, slapping you hard on the shoulder with his armoured hand.

"What in the world is a Paladin doing consorting with a demon?" Sheryl's hand rests on her face, which shakes left and right in disbelief.

"Well you know." Gos shrugs, brushing his messy blond hair back. "He doesn't eat people, so I thought it'd be fine."


"Ah, he says the damndest things."

"So uum... how do you two know each other?" Rein feigns laughter, poorly.

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