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Card Priestess Masami Quest 20

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I shut the door behind me as I leave Mom in bed. She looks to be recovering, even if she was absolutely exhausted a few minutes ago. It's amazing how fast this card can heal people.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and Mom just taught me what it's like to design a magic card in such a way that I can use it. Unfortunately, it seems like our exercise was too much for Mom and she ended up collapsing from exhaustion. I had no idea that the process drained her energy so violently. I just put her into bed and am now back in the living room, examining the card that was just 'drafted' as they call it.

Before, the card had a collection of sketches and lines along the outside, along with some kind of burn mark in the center of it. Now the burn marking is gone, and there is only the standard face of any of the cards. This card face now proudly displays a castle with a set of armor emblazoned on the front of it. Unlike the other cards, I can't feel much of an aura. The other cards have a very brilliant radiance that comes from merely holding them, but this one feels weak and puny. Is the glowing aura a function of how much I use it? Or maybe it has to be designed with one in mind?

I put the card away with the others; it's the first card I ever drafted so it's as good as mine. Plus lessons and questions for Mom have been cut short so she can rest, anyway.

>Go to school, clubs are still meeting today and maybe you can tell someone about this
>Go to Aiko's house, maybe she's up to something interesting
>Maybe go back to Fortune and talk about this in a rational manner?