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The Hektor Heresy: Heirs to the Throne edition

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This is our remaking of Warhammer 30k to 40k, with the same Emperor, initially similar but increasingly different Imperium, and radically different Primarchs.

Previous Thread:

Don't wanna be an Imperial, don't care for beakies? Not to worry!
We welcome all here,
Xenos Empires, Great Crusade Era Factions, Knight Houses, Titan Legions, Chapter Successors, Imperial Army Regiments, Eldar, Dark Eldar, anything and everything just come in and pitch it to be a part of the setting itself.

With that out of the way, here is our main wiki page.

Notable Legionaries, and units.
Develop the members of the Sacred Band, and add one if you don't have one on your legion page.
Primarch personality development
Major events of the heresy.

>For non-Legion anons:
Submit a xenos/Imperial Army faction, and give us a brief overview of a notable campaign
Better yet, writefag something for them.
Alternatively - make your own Chapter.