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Lost Tenno Quest

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There's something about Valkyr that is both terrifying and beautiful. Maybe it's the way she split those Grineer in half with her claws, maybe it's the way she flat ignores cover and bullets with equal care, but nothing seems to stop her.

I end up playing the rear guard as I look for some form of way to repair my Foundry. I duck to inspect a terminal, and that's when Vakyr sails over my shoulders and lands heavily in a pile of crates behind me.

The pile explodes out in all directions, and I look up at the thing that had managed to blow her away.

"Tenno skum!" a huge Grineer roars, massive hammer in its hands, covered entirely in armor.

>This means there's something here of value, if they're guarding it so extensively.
>Is Valkyr ok?
>Flee. We can't possibly handle this.
>Draw weapons, and engage.