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Strikers '89 Quest

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Alright, let's try this again this week, haha. Sorry about Tuesday, we lucked out in that Hornet had a copy of the OP handy, and I had partial notes for the run in my notebook. Last time I try to type them up on the fucking computer, I'll tell ya that, hahahaha.

So, news. Our schedule at work for the next couple weeks is pretty strange, so IDK if we'll be having regular runs in the next couple weeks. We may shoot for Monday or Wednesday, or just take a break till the new year, Not sure yet.

Archive here:


You'd left late that night, both you and Merlin led out of the house by Brigitte. Both your own and Merlin's pack were on your back as she blearily rubbed sleep out of her eyes- you'd stayed up, unable to sleep.

You'd passed by Wendy out on the couch- looked to you like she'd fallen asleep there, her gifts still arrayed around her, her new stockings on. A deep navy blue, they'd been embroidered as a night sky, and a wyvern and a witch flew there, no opponents arrayed against them. A lot of her gifts had been little personal things like that- Ice had gotten her a gorgeous white scarf, one with the squadron patch on either end. You hadn't asked, but it looked and felt like silk- the real stuff, not synthetic. The twins and Rosalie, perhaps predictably, had gotten her new skivvies. You hadn't asked about those, though you'd felt more than a few pairs of eyes on you when she'd held them up so everyone could see them. You guess, now, they just wanted to see what you thought- you'd maintained careful neutrality on the topic.

You'd left your poncho liner on her as you'd walked out- she'd forgotten to get a cover of her own, and while it's not exactly cold, it's not warm enough to comfortably sleep without one. She'd been curled into a little ball, happy, you suppose, but still cold.

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