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Strikers '89 Quest

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So, sorry for the late start, forgot about dinner. Tends to happen occasionally, haha!

the thread today may be a bit short, what with the holiday and all, not sure yet. Really depends on how long you guys want to run, I guess.

Archive here:


"So how long are we staying in Japan?" You ask Brigitte, walking back from the Fandance's hangar, Merlin riding on your shoulders. She's pretty quiet- something's on her mind, but you haven't asked her, figuring she'll tell you sooner rather than later. You suspect it has something to do with that other girl, the one with the Russian accent. Way she handles a plane is damned impressive, speaking to a level of control you'd have trouble reproducing.

Brigitte shrugs. "You two be too valuable to be leavin heah ta cool yer heels, oui." She says. "De girls an me, we be tinkin ya be leavin tomorrow, dat's most likley when dey get around ta gettin us back to de states. I'll be headin back to Poland witchya, de udders, dey be followin along in deir own time."

"So just an overnight?" You ask. She nods.

"An overnight and mebby a bit, but not much longer dan dat."

You nod, happy enough with that. While you'd rather be back in Poland, and with the squadron, sooner rather than later, you guess you can't complain much- plus, the time here has given you a good look at the XF-19. You're almost impressed- it looks like it could give the wyvern a run for it's money, though you'd have to ask Merlin for the specifics. Something to talk about on the ride home, you suspect.

You haven't seen Jess or Katsumi in a while, though, as you walk in the front door of your temporary housing, nodding to the guard out front, you can hear their voices from the common room, mostly Jess' excited, high-pitched voice, occasionally punctuated by one of the Special forces witches.