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You are a fighter pilot of the 501st Joint Fighter Squadron, and you're currently racing through the top layer of thick overcast towards a very french-sounding girl with Amelia Earheart flying on your wing.

It's been that kind of day.

You key your mike. “Ay froggie, what's your situation?”

“HELP ME! HELP!” she fairly screams back.

“WE HAVE TO MOVE!” Amelia screams at you.

You seize the throttle control and prepare to ram it forward for emergency power when an awful thought hits you – in this muck, there's no way you'll be able to pick out targets if you come in too fast. You've either got to take your sweet time getting there, climb over the deck and dive in to give yourself a little time to spot targets, or have Georgette bait her attackers out somehow.

All three choices suck, but barreling through without enough time to mix it up or even pick a target is even worse.

>Come in a bit slower
>Up and over