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So, 7 days to die is addictive as hell. I'm going to have to watch that, hahaha. Kinda cut into time I'd have otherwise used writing last night, though I should still have the next chapter of Raikov done this weekend. Hopefully.

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“Sir Bishop!” Wendy says as you head downstairs, feeling about like the walking dead and probably looking like one as well. You yawn at her.

“What did I say about calling me that?” You ask. She grins at you.

“Alyssa and Clarissa were quite clear, sir. I am to call you that at all times.” She says, grinning. “Would you like breakfast?”

“In a minute.” You grumble. “Coffee first.”

“I'll get that for you.” She says, heading for the kitchen.

You'd respond, but you're interrupted by Merlin, who gives you a quick hug as she descends the stairs and then squeezes past you. “M-morning, Frank.” She says as she does. “H-have you seen Kimiko? I-I wanted to talk to her.”

You shake your head- after all, you just woke up yourself.

You'd reported in to Ice when you got back- she'd greeted you and asked you how it went, and even returned the smile when you told her that was classified. Of course, the joking had died off when she'd said that Davis was due in today, and that nothing had come through, yet, that would allow her to deny detaching Merlin, and that if Brigitte didn't come through, she realistically didn't have any options.

The front has been quiet, at least from your standpoint- other than the occasional raid, there's been almost no air threat, though the Soviet military maintains powerful- and numerous- AA defenses with it's units, with just about everything in the book out there. It's made the front almost a no-fly zone for anything other than specialized SEAD aircraft, and has made the majority of the work fall on the allied armies.